Majority of Brits support cannabis legalization

Majority of Brits support cannabis legalization

Almost all the Uk public are in support of legalizing cannabis. That’s based on a brand new study by Populus.

The poll suggests that 59 percent of Brits tend to strongly support or support cannabis legalization. Just 31 per cent of men and women surveyed oppose legalization.

The study ended up being commissioned by the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis and think tank Volteface.

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The study results also reveal that help for legalization reaches its greatest one of the younger set. Particularly, 68 % of 18- to 24-year-olds are in favor of legalizing cannabis. However when it comes down to people that are over 65 yrs old, just not even half or 49 per cent help the insurance policy. “Majority of Brits support cannabis legalization”の続きを読む