Missouri AG quiet on legality of purchase of CBD items

Missouri AG quiet on legality of purchase of CBD items

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Missouri income income tax officials are increasing questions regarding the legality of shops offering mostly unregulated products that are CBD-infused.

Neither the taxation officials nor the state’s lawyer general is happy to launch the lawyer general’s legal opinion on the question.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch obtained documents for which previous Missouri Department of income Director Joel Walters asked Attorney General Eric Schmitt for a viewpoint in March on whether or not the division could issue sales tax licenses to businesses selling the substance that is popular an extract of hemp.

Walters left the agency later that month, but he suggested that retail sale of CBD products might not be legal based on a 2014 law that allowed the Missouri Department of Agriculture to contract with two businesses to cultivate hemp and extract hemp oil before he left.

The oil was to be sold only to individuals who required it as a treatment for epilepsy under that law.

“As the retail purchase of CBD oil and CBD oil-infused items might be unlawful, an entity intending on attempting to sell these items could possibly be performing this illegally,” Walters penned in a memo. “Missouri AG quiet on legality of purchase of CBD items”の続きを読む