Movies and Videos

Movies and Videos

Dempsey and Millan have actually developed movies and videos that reconceive performance that is pre-existing, which can be ancillary aspects of performance tasks and which are stand-alone single-channel works.

Movie and Videography

2014 Vigilance Super 8 Film 3 min. Commissioned by 8Fest, Toronto

2009 Endangered Species Lesbian Nationwide Parks and Services PSAs. Movie. 6 min. Commissioned by Pride Toronto.

2008 Super movie. 2 min. Commissioned by Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art.

2007 Consideration Liberation Army Five-part video clip. 12 min.

2003 Archaeology and also you Movie. 6 min. Five part site-specific installation and solitary channel variations, Royal Ontario Museum. Nominated for Canadian Museum Association Award. Http: // Html

2002 Lesbian National Parks and Services: a potent Force of Nature movie. 24 min. Http: // Html

2000 Calamity Movie. 5 min. Commissioned by Ottawa Gay/Lesbian Movie Festival.

2000 Peril! Movie. 9 min.

1998 Homogeneity movie. 3 min. 1998. Funded by the Andy Warhol Foundation.

1996 Good Resident: Betty Baker Movie. 27 min. 1996. Winner of 1999 Manitoba movement Picture business Association Blizzard Award for Best brief Drama.

1995 a in The Life of A Bull Dyke Video. 10 min day. Winner of 1997 Blizzard Award for Best Experimental. 2nd reward at both the 1996 US Super 8 Film and Video Festival plus the 1997 University of Oregon Gay/Lesbian movie Festival. “Movies and Videos”の続きを読む

First-Time Lesbian Sex at Midlife

First-Time Lesbian Sex at Midlife

By Patricia Cheney | Submitted On January 27, 2009

Nearly all women whom figure they face their first sexual experience out they are lesbians later in life have a few jitters when. As a mentor, we frequently hear concerns like, ” just just exactly What do I do? ” and “just how do i really do it? ” we additionally often hear comments like, ” just imagine if We don’t enjoy it? If i can not please her? ” and “What”

Please, flake out! Remember, lesbian intercourse is, most importantly, FUN. There are numerous positives that are real lesbian sex that actually can lessen stress, in comparison to hetero sex.

  • There aren’t any concerns about having a baby. This will be huge. No contraceptive, no “sliding up” after which being forced to wait regarding the side of your chair 3 months to see if you have missed. Completely freeing.
  • Then there clearly was the presssing dilemma of sexual climaxes. Males have “one and done, ” so basically in hetero sex as he is pleased, the knowledge is finished. Not too with lesbian intercourse. With numerous orgasm ability it persists so long as we would like it to.
  • Lesbian sex is not vanilla. By simply virtue to the fact that it’s lesbian intercourse! It is necessary to not get into a rut, however. Ensure that it it is fresh.
  • Correspondence is simpler, as you talk the language that is same. Gents and ladies have actually various communication styles and also this may cause misunderstandings with regards to intercourse. “First-Time Lesbian Sex at Midlife”の続きを読む