Orthodox Jewish women slammed for putting on ‘slutty’ wigs

Orthodox Jewish women slammed for putting on ‘slutty’ wigs

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“People always say the longer it really is, the sluttier its, ” said Esther Adina Sash, a 30-year-old mom of two from Flatbush.

Particularly, she’s talking about the sheitels, or wigs, that she along with other married Orthodox females wear as mandated by Jewish legislation, in order to maybe perhaps maybe not entice guys whom aren’t their husbands. Now a debate that is heated brewing over locks that some in the neighborhood view to be too sexy.

Esther Adina Sash, using a wig that is traditional. Stefano Giovannini

Typically, sheitels mirror what exactly is considered modest: shoulder-length or faster — almost Jackie Kennedy-esque — and synthetic, which will be viewed as more modest than putting on human being hair. (costs can consist of a couple of hundred bucks up to $5,000 for a 28-inch, waist-grazing wig of European locks. )

On her behalf Instagram account (@flatbushgirl), which includes some 38,000 supporters, Sash frequently posts pictures of by herself in wigs that cascade and curl down her back, prompting comments that are hateful. “Orthodox Jewish women slammed for putting on ‘slutty’ wigs”の続きを読む