All of this acts to build your own sexual self-confidence and, subsequently, your intimate knowledge.

All of this acts to build your own sexual self-confidence and, subsequently, your intimate knowledge.

Exactly what KEELEY will allow you to with

Feel positive articulating your sexual needs both literally and vocally

Boost your heightened sexual performance

Comprehend The frame of mind and abilities to being an unbelievable enthusiast?

Build stronger interaction and rely on for big sex within commitment

Cure psychological injuries and alter viewpoints that hold your back once again from strong personal contacts


Keeley provides isolated and in-person mentoring treatments.

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Keeley is actually an intercourse and connection advisor in San Francisco, California. She works with individuals and couples who would like to accept their innate desires, develop sexual self-confidence, and totally realize their intimate potential.

There is absolutely no link as effective as intimate connections. One of several strongest & most prone experience of being people was discussing ourselves completely with another — naked, defenseless, and subjected, both physically and mentally.

Keeley knows that expressing all of our organic sensual desires is what makes united states believe fully live. And finding people that recognize all of us completely is very important to meaningful relationships.

Keeley received their master’s level in sessions Psychology and is also a professional Somatica® approach Practitioner (a relational and experiential body-based therapy). She competed in Hakomi treatment (somatic and mindfulness situated means) and adventures of this home (R-CS), a method for re-empowering our very own power to living from an undivided state of Selfhood in partnership with others. For seven ages, she worked closely with all the famous publisher and transpersonal psychotherapist John Welwood.

From the lady ages in personal practise, Keeley knows group want to believe understood to get functional help with anything sex. She guides their consumers in order to become much better fans and develop a powerful feeling of self-awareness.

Keeley in addition focuses on male overall performance battles such as for instance premature ejaculation, delayed climax, and male impotence. She support males overcome both bodily and mental elements involved in these intimacy challenges. She targets the foundation of intimate pity and heals the wounds that hold guys right back.

Brian always told her to end are therefore nosy, which had been okay. Her partner could state whatever the guy need, he had been a man with a number of brothers. Brian barely know exactly what his brothers had been around, never as their own deepest and darkest ways. But she was actually a Shepherd brother, together with Shepherd siblings didn’t leave strategy just pass-by all of them. Particularly maybe not Derek’s tips. The guy most likely missed their bugging him. The guy groaned a great deal about any of it but that was merely Derek trying to imagine the guy performedn’t think its great. However it was just how their loved ones worked and Derek enjoyed the whole Shepherd group thing. He was most likely actually perishing to tell the lady circumstances.

At Reconnected, Keeley coaches both men and women to accept their own sexuality and internalize it things stunning to share. She assists this lady consumers become more current and expressive in those intimate minutes to genuinely delight in their own romantic associations.

Gender is supposed are fun, playful, and liberating — as a result it’s time for you starting finding enjoyment involved.

That’s a huge sign that you’re not getting exactly what you need from this partnership. Yes, you’re never likely to be “on” 24/7 with anybody, however, if their company makes you sad and hoping most, it’s very easy to deduce that your partnership causes the despair.

Family is not calling your just as much as they used to.

It’s not that they don’t like your, it is exactly that they don’t know very well what to state. They’re in no way keen on your lover, and subject areas of topic have actually dwindled. it is just like you don’t have any idea what you should tell them any longer. Consider the undeniable fact that perchance you’ve changed and simply aren’t your best home. If you’re remaining in their partnership only to show your mother and father completely wrong, only know it’s starting you more harm than you might think.